Helloo Hacks is a 24-hour virtual hackathon for coders of all ages. Participants will be creating projects with technology that aim to positively impact their communities. Our event is an amazing opportunity for students around the world to learn new skills about coding and social impact and bond with fellow coders.

Helloo World is a student-run organization passionate about bringing change through code. We hope to raise student awareness on global issues and empower them to use computer programming to change society for the better. You can learn more about us at helloo-world.com.

The hackathon will take place from September 3rd to September 4th (in Pacific Standard Time). We hope to see you there!

Feel free to email hellooworldsite@gmail.com or aditi@helloo-world.com if you have any questions!


Please submit a 2-minute video explaining and demoing your project!

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Best Education Hack

Best Mental Health Hack (2)

Best Inclusivity Hack

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Helloo World Team

Helloo World Team

Judging Criteria

  • Social Impact
    Does this hack positivity impact society?

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